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This piece embodies the virtue of Temperance!

Custom Necklace based on 5 sentimental heart charms (Silver and Gold). A highly elegant integration of warm and cool colors. Blue Chalcedony is placed for dual communication and understanding. Garnet emits warmth and harmonizes with the heart as the “stone of commitment.” Citrine, Moonstone, and Fluorite blend the rays of silver and gold in a delicate balance of joy, awareness, and strength, while reflecting the inner child. At the center of jewels is a locket to cherish all the secrets and memories of the heart.

            Temperance teaches us moderation of indulgence, empowering one with patience and compassion for all life. In our daily lives we are moving at a fast pace, multi-tasking, with many levels of stress. It is easy to forget ourselves and others. Irritation and procrastination make us short-tempered, unmotivated, and suppressed. There is an aching emptiness that weakens our tolerance, balance of emotions and thoughts, and obscures our dreams. If each day we could meditate on integrating Temperance as a part of oneself, days may become more flowing and smooth, pestering thoughts would not weigh us down, and the unimportant things would fall into shadow as we honor what we most often take for granted. At least once in every day, take the time, make someone smile and feel good about their day. Return yourself the same honor and empower progressive enlightenment.

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