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Feature Items
Female Jewelry
Amazon QueenIn stock$30.00
Andean DreamIn stock$31.00
Apana Vayu SetIn stock$54.00
Blush Peony SetIn stock$69.00
Cherry Blossom SetIn stock$52.00
Coral ShoreIn stock$30.00
Curandera SetIn stock$48.00
ElectraIn stock$33.00
EuropaIn stock$30.00
Freyja's LightIn stock$62.00
GaleenaIn stock$34.00
IoIn stock$33.00
Iris ImprintIn stock$32.00
Pearl MoonIn stock$36.00
Prana VayuIn stock$34.00
Red Rock SetIn stock$47.00
ReverieIn stock$30.00
Rose Water In stock$30.00
Star GazerIn stock$28.00
Summer Blooms SetIn stock$46.00
TicalIn stock$34.00
Victoria SetIn stock$46.00
Winter Rose SetIn stock$56.00
African Opal EarringsIn stock$20.00
Agate & Coconut Wood EarringsIn stock$15.00
Amazon River EarringsIn stock$21.00
Angelica EarringsIn stock$28.00
Apple Twist EarringsIn stock$20.00
Aqua Drop EarringsIn stock$21.00
Aqua EarringsIn stock$28.00
Aquamarine & Hematite EarringsIn stock$21.00
Aquarian Glow EarringsIn stock$30.00
Badlands EarringsIn stock$20.00
Belize EarringsIn stock$21.00
Blue Smoke EarringsIn stock$18.00
Blush Bloom EarringsIn stock$21.00
Bone, Stone, & Feather EarringsIn stock$32.00
Bone, Stone, and Feather 2 EarringsIn stock$32.00
Bronze Leaf EarringsIn stock$26.00
Buri Seed EarringsIn stock$22.00
Celestial EarringsIn stock$30.00
Crystal Beach EarringsIn stock$22.00
Daisy Coin EarringsIn stock$26.00
Dazzling Drizzle EarringsIn stock$22.00
Diamond Rose EarringsIn stock$27.00
Drum Beat EarringsIn stock$20.00
Fairy Queen EarringsIn stock$21.00
Feather & Pewter Ring EarringsIn stock$35.00
Fire Coral EarringsIn stock$30.00
Fluorite Drop EarringsIn stock$20.00
Fluorite Twist EarringsIn stock$24.00
Glacier EarringsIn stock$61.00
Gold Lip Shell EarringsIn stock$18.00
Gypsy EarringsIn stock$28.00
Gypsy Fire EarringsIn stock$24.00
Horizon EarringsIn stock$26.00
Iceberg EarringsIn stock$19.00
Indie Bling 2 EarringsIn stock$30.00
Indie Bling EarringsIn stock$24.00
Interstellar EarringsIn stock$16.00
Isis Revived EarringsIn stock$25.00
Jungle Bone EarringsIn stock$22.00
Jungle Rain EarringsIn stock$24.00
Labradorite & Sodalite EarringsIn stock$18.00
Lapis Lazuli & Amazonite EarringsIn stock$22.00
Lily Pad EarringsIn stock$28.00
Lotus Ki EarringsIn stock$21.00
Lunar Lily EarringsIn stock$20.00
Merchant EarringsIn stock$25.00
Merkaba EarringsIn stock$24.00
Monarch Coin EarringsIn stock$24.00
Ocean EarringsIn stock$18.00
Pacifica EarringsIn stock$26.00
Pumpkin EarringsIn stock$16.00
Queen of Chess EarringsIn stock$18.00
Red Smoke EarringIn stock$23.00
Salal Berry 2 EarringsIn stock$24.00
Salal Berry EarringsIn stock$25.00
Sea Treasure EarringsIn stock$18.00
Seed Drop EarringsIn stock$24.00
Serpentine & Obsidian EarringsIn stock$22.00
Silver Leaf EarringsIn stock$29.00
Smoky Bone EarringsIn stock$19.00
Sunstone & Amethyst EarringsIn stock$18.00
Sunstone EarringsIn stock$28.00
Surreal EarringsIn stock$25.00
Titan EarringsIn stock$20.00
Turquoise EarringsIn stock$24.00
Twisted Fawn EarringsIn stock$21.00
Vibrance EarringsIn stock$22.00
Wilma Flintsone EarringsIn stock$20.00
Wish EarringsIn stock$22.00
Apparition ChokerIn stock$51.00
Aquarian Glow SetIn stock$110.00
Astral Dream ChokerIn stock$45.00
Blue Dragon MalaIn stock$96.00
Chinook ShineIn stock$62.00
Earth Star SetIn stock$68.00
Earthen Maiden SetIn stock$77.00
Ethereal Maiden In stock$70.00
Harmonic WarriorIn stock$99.00
HecateIn stock$50.00
Inanna Set In stock$125.00
JunoIn stock$105.00
Mercurial Fire SetIn stock$105.00
Moon Dance SetIn stock$90.00
Nigerian Rose SetIn stock$102.00
Nirmana Kaya SetIn stock$87.00
NW Chieftess SetIn stock$102.00
Primordial SetIn stock$74.00
River Song SetIn stock$132.00
Tsuhelu In stock$70.00
Water Snake MalaIn stock$94.00
Male Jewelry
ApsuIn stock$63.00
Cobra ChantIn stock$75.00
Diamond SeedIn stock$64.00
IndraIn stock$72.00
InitiationIn stock$65.00
Nana BulukuIn stock$72.00
ObatalaIn stock$62.00
OseinIn stock$58.00
RootsIn stock$89.00
Water Snake MalaIn stock$94.00
ZuluIn stock$64.00
Blue Dragon MalaIn stock$96.00
Design Portfolio
SylusIn stock$82.00
Ancient Echos TalismanIn stock$36.00
Visual Art Portfolio
Artist Statement: The Power of a Flower
Flower Impressions
NYLIRAMIn stock$100.00
OHNOJ SAKULIn stock$75.00
XELAIn stock$175.00
LEGNAIn stock$250.00
ECHIAZIn stock$235.00
Flower Wisdom
Giver of LightIn stock$400.00
BuddhaIn stock$450.00
The ShamanIn stock$275.00
The PriestessIn stock$260.00
HermesIn stock$275.00
The ScribesIn stock$200.00
Organic Perceptions
Personal and Commissioned Works
Delicate Creatures
Dream Spirals
Elemental Abstractions
Emphatic Beauty
Native Medicine
Out of the Wild
Siren's legend
Spirits of Nature
Pendant Chains
18" Box ChainIn stock$30.00
18" Double Foxtail ChainIn stock$35.00
18" Single Foxtail In stock$30.00
20" Box ChainIn stock$35.00
20" Double Foxtail ChainIn stock$40.00
20" Single Foxtail ChainIn stock$35.00
24" Box ChainIn stock$40.00
24" Double Foxtail ChainIn stock$45.00
24" Single Foxtail ChainIn stock$40.00
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