May you revel in the varied perspectives of the microcosm and the macrocosm as you explore the photographic images, paintings, and sculptural creations contained in the Gallery of Jewls. All production of this art has been achieved by hand and with classic photographic techniques. Very little use of computer programs has been applied to some of the photography to correct scan-in defects and merge the line betweenĀ  dual photo images, in the Abstract section, for continuity. All photographic prints were shot with a Nikon 35 mm SLR camera and various lenses. All subjects have been found as captured and no staging or modifications have been made to these authentic representations of the elements in life. Conceptual work and superimposed images were achieved using advanced darkroom techniques and hand toning or coloring.

Thank you for appreciating my work! Please fill out a custom order form if you would like to commission a personalized piece!

Paintings (24)
Photography (104)

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