Artist Statement

Patterns of truth and libration unfold fervently in all of existence. Each piece I create is an expression of my appreciation for the smaller details, one may consider the “microcosm” forming the broad view, or “macrocosm”. Color, technique, and composition exude a bounty of emotion, exploring both guided and spontaneous co-creation with the media utilized. There is no limitation for the way one perceives this work. The vast rays of our imagination extend as far as we choose to explore; an infinite body of knowledge.

Wild flower love emulates in every form, each minute particle, a reflection of the holistic core. How often do we as civilized and socialized Beings reach deeper into our immediate spectrum, or beyond? It is evident in our fast paced and commodified lives we take for granted the simple essences in life. Breathe deep a moment, relax, and allow emotion to embrace you totally. Exhale fully and release all you have encountered and integrated into your sensational cortex, perspective of life, and progressive spirit. What have you gained and released in this moment, an accumulation of seconds? This is a question we should ask ourselves with each movement in time. Appreciate. Revel in the cognition of such wonder! We are children of the cosmic web, ever discovering. We are sages, guiding and concluding wisdom with each step of our journey in the unknown.

Singing in the flight for Awareness and Peace,

~ Jewls

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