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    (“Faiz”, our own personal euphemism, meaning “Spiritual phase of Life”)

For more information about Faiz Healing Complementary Therapies and Bodywork, please check out this brochure.

Faiz Healing offers a diverse form of healing and personal growth through the production of methodical and conceptual painting, photography, and sculpture. All artwork may be used as a form of personal therapy and self-reflection. The beauty of art is that the viewer will always identify themselves or attributes they desire within an image, allowing for empowerment of these qualities when one is out of balance.  Psychologically, seeing an image, every day we find comfort in, is of powerful value to our state of health and mind. Art has been used for centuries as therapy to the emotionally or mentally disturbed, terminally ill, and anyone undergoing traumatic events. Everyday we are bombarded by stress of numerous kinds, our constitutions becoming more vulnerable by our unease. Not only producing art, but reflecting on art is a recommended form of release for everyone. We are all creative beings. All life is based on creation. Therefore, involving ourselves in reflective moments, whether active or silent, may be imperative to inspiring, rejuvenating, and fulfilling our creative souls.

Faiz Jewelry is based on the belief that semi-precious and precious stones, as well as, organic matter, have energies and symbolism that empower and encourage the adorner to attune and harmonize with. Each piece is individual and only in very rare cases reproductions are made. I prefer to do custom pieces specific to the person the piece is for, however I enjoy making pieces that one may be attracted to just as one is enthralled with art. The reason there are more necklaces than other types of adornment is specific to the ancient belief that the throat and chest (heart) are the areas of expression, most suited for obtaining and evolving the attributes of the stones. The throat is our largest symbol of expression. It is our creative and communication center, believed in Eastern thought to be the 5th chakra, or Vishuddha. Here we choose to repress or release emotions and thoughts. It is the governing door in which we allow our true selves to be heard.

If you are looking for something to harmonize with you or happen to see a piece of art or jewelry you enjoy for any reason, please, follow your intuition and incorporate it into your life. There are amulets and signs everywhere for us to follow and attune to the path back to our true and unguarded nature. Sometimes these symbols are temporary, through a phase of our being. Other times they are the reflection of our path, the greater tale of our soul.

Thank you for your interest. I hope you find yourself enthralled.

I send you grace and clarity on your path to enlightenment.

Owner and Creator of Faiz Healing

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